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History of the Book of Genesis
The word Genesis means origin, beginning or generation so it is the title given to the first book of the Bible. The book of Genesis was compiled and written by Moses while he was in the Wilderness of Sinai. You will find the history of Israel from creation to the death of Joseph. Genesis has 50 chapters divided into two sections. In the introductory chapters (1-11), it gives the history of the creation of the earth and mankind to the dispersion of Noah's descendants over the world. In the main chapters(12-50), you can find history of the great patriarchs' lives Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob along with the history of Joseph in Egypt. The Koran states that Ishmael the son of Hagar (Sarah's hand-maiden) was Abraham's favored son but read here in the true Word of God to find out that Isaac the son of Sarah in her old age was God's chosen one.
Here is an outline of the book of Genesis.

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